Tax and Customs Regime

Tax and Customs

Yann Soyer holds specialisation certificates delivered by the French National Bar Council in tax and customs law with specific qualifications: international taxation, personal and business taxation, real estate taxation. He has over 30 years of experience in these fields both with individuals and many businesses of all sizes from SMEs to groups listed on the stock market.

Types of mission: analysis and treatment of the consequences of the withdrawal of a partner, optimisation of the transfer or disposal of shares, tax settlement regarding foreign assets, tax approval in the context of a cross-border merger within the European Union etc.

Private individuals

  • Taxes: Income tax, Wealth tax, succession, gifts, registration duties etc.
  • Personal and wealth taxation of individuals
  • Direct personal real estate taxation and registration duties, real estate assets held by foreign entities
  • Taxation of business directors, managers and senior executives
  • Optimisation of the disposal of businesses and personal assets

Taxation of businesses

  • Direct taxes: tax consolidation, corporation tax, real estate duty, business tax on added value, tax on wages etc.
  • Indirect taxes: VAT, registration duty etc.
  • Special Regimes: Jeune entrerpise innovante [new innovative businesses (J.E.I)], tax approvals, new businesses.
  • Subscriptions and social contributions: Contribution Sociale Generalisée (General Social Contribution (CSG)), URSSAF

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