Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are a key factor in the development of your business.
They formalise, provide a framework and secure all your commercial relationships with:
– your clients
– your distribution networks
– your suppliers
– your partners
– your service providers

In full compliance with current legal requirements, they set out the procedures for performance and termination, as well as the rights and obligations of each party. The quality of commercial agreements will anticipate the management of any disputes.

All your contracts

We are specialists in business law, but we also have the skills required for your contracts which call for additional expertise in the following areas:

  • Trade, e-commerce, franchise, distribution networks, affiliation, licences, outsourcing
  • International agreements
  • IT, telecoms, software: disposal, licence, maintenance, assistance with project management, rental, ASP, SaaS, engineering etc.
  • Electronic commerce and the protection of the personal data
  • The evolution of customs due to the digital transformation of activities and new methods of consumption, which affect ordinary contractual relationships and call for adaptation
  • Intellectual and industrial property for your copyright licence, publishing and audiovisual production agreement
  • Distribution: trade, e-commerce, franchise, distribution networks, affiliation, licences, outsourcing

Our missions

We advise you throughout the lifetime of your commercial contractual relationships:

  • Pre-contractual stages: preparation, negotiations, pre-contract
  • Drafting agreements and all contractual elements
  • Updating, consolidation, revision of your agreements as well as general terms for both B2C and B2B, in-keeping with legislative developments
  • Assistance and preparation of your responses to calls for tenders
  • Follow up of your contracts
  • Termination of contractual relationships: anticipation, preparation, implementation
  • Contractual audits: existing agreements, external growth operations

Management of contractualisation disputes and litigation

We defend your interests in the event of disputes with your clients, suppliers or commercial partners. We assist and advise you in the preparatory stages, the search for alternative solutions mediation, arbitration and, if necessary, we represent you before the relevant courts.

  • Partial non-performance of contract
  • Breach of contractual obligations
  • Difference of interpretation of contractual clauses
  • Hidden defects, non-compliance, defective products etc.
  • Termination of contractual relationships: anticipation, preparation, implementation
  • Non-payment

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