e-commerce & Internet

e-commerce & Internet

The law of electronic commerce is still a recent area of law and is in a constant state of evolution. Bolstered by our cross-generational complementarity and our respective experiences in business law and the law of new information technologies, we have all expertise required to provide advice on all your e-commerce problems.

E-commerce concerns all commercial transactions for goods or services, both between professionals and consumers (B to C) and businesses (B to B) executed remotely, in particular through computer, a tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. It therefore covers many areas of law: trade, competition, consumer protection, intellectual property. It is a contract which interacts with the parties as well as with national, European and international laws and regulations which will evolve to adapt to new customs and technologies

Practice areas

We advise both startups and pure players as well as traditional businesses with digital transformation, innovation and the creation of new digital services.

  • Creation of on-line sales websites: obligations of the vendor in terms of providing information and consumer protection, remote sales, cooling off period etc.
  • Contracts with technical service providers: creation, development, hosting, maintenance of websites, applications, programmes.
  • General terms of use and sale.
  • Intellectual property and copyright.
  • “Physical” and/or dematerialised delivery of goods and services.
  • On-line advertising, e-marketing, referencing, e-reputation, e-mailing and preventing spam

  • Tracking and management of cookies
  • Publisher liability
  • Compliance
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Partnership, affiliation and distribution agreements
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS agreements and licences, subscriptions etc.

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